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Job Seekers Have Leverage During 'Great Resignation' Which Is Impacting North Texas

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - The so-called "Great Resignation" continues to impact North Texas employers.

The term came about as many people quite their jobs during the pandemic looking for something better to fit their needs such as better pay and benefits.

"I think we're a couple million people short of what we need out there for our workforce," said Sherrie Dvorak, Vice President of HR for Frontline Source Group, a direct hire and search firm in the Metroplex.

Dvorak said she's never seen the job market quite like this.

"It is by far the most competitive job market we've ever seen from the hiring side of things," she said. "It's multiple offers going out to candidates being able to pick the best possible options."

The leverage is with the job seekers, according to Dvorak, as they can ask for more money, benefits, a bigger role and ask to be flexible such as working from home.

"We've got people who in the past would never bother to think about talking with their employer about the things they want saying I need these things and if they're not, they're actually going out and interviewing to get either what they want from their direct employer or leaving," added Dvorak.

Trevor Houston is the Executive Producer of the Who Ya Know Job Networking Show, which aims to help those looking for work, and he sees a major shift on how employers are recruiting workers.

"I think that people are also aware of what makes them happy and fulfilled," said Houston, "They're bending in areas that we never would have saw before."

As far as how these job seekers can afford to do this, they said it's a risk in hopes of a bigger payoff.

"They're like I'm going to reinvent myself, I'm going to figure it out," said Houston.

"I've seen a lot of people just saying you know I'm going to take the risk, I know my skills are in demand, I've had recruiters hunting me for the last couple years it's going to fall into place, so whether it's pulling from savings, or a 401K just know there's potential for more salary more benefits, it's just worth the roll of the dice," added Dvorak.


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