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Health Experts Looking Into How Children Who Test Positive For COVID-19 Are Also Coming Down With Rare Illness

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - There's a new concern for parents when it comes to the coronavirus: some children around the country have fallen ill with an inflammatory syndrome resembling Kawasaki disease. Now, doctors are searching for the connection between the syndrome and COVID-19.

It's not a new disease, but it's possible connection to the coronavirus is that the majority of the children who developed the syndrome also tested positive for COVID-19 or its antibodies.

"The mystery is why is one child is affected by this and another isn't, and that's what we really don't know," said Julie Linderman, M.D., a pediatrician at Inwood Village Pediatrics.

Three children in New York have died of the mystery illness, and dozens have been sickened. Symptoms include a high fever for at least five days, swelling of the lymph nodes, abdominal pain, rash and change in color of the skin or lips.

Dr. Linderman said it is rare and treatable when diagnosed.

"What is dangerous is this tends to affect the medium-sized arteries, specifically the coronary arteries. And that puts kids at risk of an aneurysm if not treated," she said.

She said it's something we could see here -- which North Texas school districts are also considering.

Dallas ISD said it began discussions last week about this new development. Its health services department is reviewing current processes and working on guidance documents.

Fort Worth ISD said it will keep an eye on guidance from local and national public health professionals and will consider everything that threatens students and staff.

New York City issued a health alert about the cases last week. Hospitals in at least six states have reported similar cases, but none have been reported in Texas.

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