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Hacked Road Sign Causes Stir For Dallas Drivers

Hacked sign blurred
A hacked sign in Dallas caused quite a stir for some drivers. (CBS11)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Some Dallas drivers were in for quite a shock when they saw what was on a road construction sign - language not suitable for children.

The sign is now turned off, but it caused a stir at the intersection of Lemmon Avenue and Central Expressway.

The digital road sign was hit by a hacker, which showed a vulgar message mentioning President Donald Trump.

CBS 11 caught glimpse of the sign at around midnight, where people stopped to take pictures of it.

The Texas Department of Transportation says the sign is not one of theirs.

TxDoT explained the sign could be used for a different city or private project in the area.

The messages written on these signs are for motorist information, and there's a safety risk in changing.

"The Dallas streets are dangerous enough as it is. And then for someone to mess with that kind of system, it could distract drivers, I would think. Whether they think it's funny or not... but at the end of the day, it's just dangerous," said resident Magdalene Pracht.


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