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Fort Worth Student Critical After School Fight

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) - A teenager is hospitalized in critical condition after a fight on a high school campus.

The 15-year-old was jumped by two boys in the school cafeteria of O.D. Wyatt High School Thursday afternoon, said Fort Worth Police Officer Cliff Miller.

The fight escalated and moved off-campus when the victim tried to escape the beating.

"The individual fell to the ground unconscious and was basically defenseless as the other individuals continued to kick him," Officer Miller explained.

An off-duty Fort Worth police officer was on campus and intervened.

"The officer was able to see that the victim was being kicked and struck repeatedly and gave verbal commands to stop."

When the teens continued to assault the victim, the officer used his department-issued taser on them.

"The officer knew there was substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death and decided to intervene," Officer Miller said, "There's really no cookie cutter approach.  We have to assess each situation as it arises."

The teens responsible for the fight are charged with aggravated assault.

Deshawn Miller, 15, witnessed the fight and is a friend of the boy who was attacked.

"I saw it all. I was right there," he said. "He was leaking blood, coming out of his mouth and nose."

This is Miller's first year at O.D. Wyatt, but his mother, Teresa, doesn't want him to go back.

"My concern is my son's safety," she said. "It just surprises me how much violence is in the school."

Teresa Miller fears the violence isn't over, so she's now pulling her son out of the school to prevent him from become the next victim.

"If they catch him by himself and no one is paying attention, my son could be laying out here dead," she said.

The Fort Worth Independent School District is looking into what happened.

Officials don't know what the fight was about but, district spokesman Clint Bond said it was not gang related.

The officer is not on administrative leave.

Police are reviewing the case but at this time they believe he was following protocol.

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