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Fort Worth First Responders Receive Hand Sanitizer Made By Local Whiskey Distillery

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - First responders in Fort Worth are receiving a much-needed helping hand in the form of hand sanitizer that was made by a local whiskey distillery.

The TX Whiskey distillery worked to provide police officers and fire crews with this hand sanitizer so that they may keep their bodies and vehicles safe while answering calls, especially those related to potential COVID-19 cases.

The distillery began receiving ingredients to make the hand sanitizer on Tuesday. Workers have already produced 800 gallons.

The first 150 gallons were distributed to the Fort Worth police and fire departments Friday morning.

Bulk containers will be broken down in smaller bottles and will also go to community shelters.

"For them to reach out and reconstitute their purposes from making whiskey to making hand sanitizer to make sure we continue to get it out and have it available as we are preaching the message of good hygiene techniques. We make the opportunity available very easily for people to do so," Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis said.

The distillery is expected to produce another 1,500 gallons next week.

"We've been hit pretty hard with what's going on and to see the resolve the passion the commitment of our people and the community to come together to see you're going out and knowing that it's going to start doing what we aim to do which is help and save other people it's been fantastic," Paul Divito, general manager at TX Whiskey, said.


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