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Flight Lets People See Christmas In A Whole New Light

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - There are Christmas lights just about anywhere you look right now. The ones most people haven't seen though are the ones you can only see from the sky - aboard a four seat Cessna.

Christmas does have a way of bringing about a whole new perspective. At least that's how it was for Chuck Gage and his 13-year-old daughter Kim who boarded a Cessna 172 for an aerial tour.

It's nothing new for David Snell, a pilot for Starlight Flights. But it never gets old.

Looking down to a house lit like a Christmas tree, he said, "Look at the lights on that guy's house. It looks like they outlined the pool furniture. Is that not crazy spectacular?"

From 15-hundred feet in the air, it becomes obvious there are more houses in Frisco with Christmas lights than neighboring cities.

Take Jeff Trykoski's house for instance. He lit up his house and front yard with 72-thousand lights.

Snell said, the city of Frisco took a look at Trykoski's house and asked the lighting whiz to set up their Christmas lights too.

You can see Trykoski's handiwork, blinking to a synchronized light show, all across the Frisco Town Square.

"Super cool," Snell said.

Super cool for Kim Gage too who experienced more than a flight and sparkling lights on this cold, pre-Christmas night.

"I actually got to fly the plane! I thought it was really fun. It was awesome," she said.

Her father Chuck and grandfather Leon plunked down $245 for her experience.  Chuck Gage said it was worth every penny.

"The continuous smile and the glow on her face the entire time we were in the air was priceless," he said

From any viewpoint, lights just seem to say Christmas. Unless, of course, you're looking at the rooftop that lit with big, red bulbs that spell out 'Boston Red Sox.'

The half hour Christmas lights tour costs $190 for two. The $245 flight, also for two, includes a tour of the Dallas skyline.

One of the best things about the tour may be the lack of traffic.  Both tours take-off from the Landmark Aviation hangar at the Addison Airport.

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