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Dallas Woman Stops Porch Prowler Stealing Packages

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A Dallas woman is being called a "neighborhood hero" after stepping in and stopping a porch theft involving thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies.

Lilian Estrada was driving with her son along La Vista Drive in Lowest Greenville when she saw a thief pick up a box from an apartment and start walking away.

"You better go put that package back because I'm going to take a picture of you and put it on Facebook," yelled Estrada in the video uploaded to Facebook.

After witnessing the crime, she pulled her car around and began commanding the porch prowler to return what was not his to take.

"When I saw it happen, it just infuriated me because it happens so much in the area," said Estrada. "I thought, what if it was at my house and I show up and my package is gone that's desperately needed?"

With her son recording on his phone, Estrada did what she does best and started giving directions.

"I have three sons, so I'm real good about giving directions," said Estrada.

The suspect is heard on the video telling Estrada he was hungry.

Estrada was not buying the story. Within seconds of her first order, Estrada said the box bandit gave up the box.

"Maybe he heard his own mother's voice demanding him to do something?" said Estrada.

Inside the torn-open box were sinus dilators with a value totaling $8,000.

"Typically you don't take the time out to do the same things for other people," said Ryan Johnson, who sells medical equipment.
Johnson said the devices are worthless on the street.

But to a patient struggling to breathe, the instruments are priceless.

"I think it was very brave of her," said Johnson.

Estrada said she was not afraid. She was just trying to send a message to any thieves out there that her neighborhood is off limits.

"Be careful because someone is watching you," advised Estrada.

Dallas Police were called and given the video.

Officers recommend residents call 911 if they see a crime in progress.

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