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Dallas Police Squad Cars Crash After High-Speed Chase With Suspected Street Racer

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - It began with officers from the Dallas Police Department investigating a possible street racing event and ended with a 3-car pileup involving squad cars and a parked SUV.

According to police, the officers were among those in a crowd of people and vehicles in the 1400 block of South Henderson Avenue. While there, the officers observed a number vehicles doing donuts in the parking lot.

When several police cars drove into the parking lot everyone began to scatter. At least two police cars gave chase after a car that had been seen doing donuts. After a short high-speed chase officers called off the pursuit because "the suspect was driving too fast" through a residential area.

In a statement police said, the officers in the lead car shut off their lights and sirens and began making a U-turn. As the lead car slowed and changed direction, another squad slammed into it and then spun into a parked SUV. According to police, "the first squad car came to rest after a short roll next to the black Suburban."

Two officers in the trailing squad car were taken to Baylor Medical Center where they were treated and released for very minor injuries. The officers in the lead squad car were checked out by medical staff as a precaution.

The suspected street racer was not involved in the accident and was not taken apprehended.

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