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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Wears Mask In New Official Portrait: 'Wearing A Mask Should Not Be Partisan, Political Issue'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has been sporting a mask in public lately due to the coronavirus and he wants everyone else to as well.

To go even further in trying to encourage the public to wear a face covering, Mayor Eric Johnson temporarily changed his official portrait Monday to a new photo of him in a mask.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson
Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson temporary portrait (credit: City of Dallas).

Mayor Johnson has recommended wearing masks during the ongoing pandemic.

The new temporary portrait, which hangs in Dallas City Hall and at Love Field, is meant to model the responsible behavior for others.

"COVID-19 is still spreading in Dallas, and we must remain cognizant of the very real threat it poses to our community and to our loved ones. Ridding our city of this insidious virus will require us to take proper precautions," Mayor Johnson said. "Masks are not required by law, but scientific research has shown they can help significantly reduce the spread of coronavirus."

Officials such as Gov. Greg Abbott and City of Dallas Health and Healthcare Access Czar Dr. Kelvin Baggett have also strongly encouraged people to wear masks in public and to practice social distancing as the Texas economy has been reopening in phases.

"Wearing a mask should not be a partisan political issue," Mayor Johnson said. "It's an act of love that will help protect the health and safety of our communities."

COVID-19 cases have increased in the Dallas area. Last week, the daily total of new cases in Dallas County reached more than 300 for the first time. The county on Monday reported 305 new COVID-19 cases.

Dallas County has recorded a total of 14,537 COVID-19 cases and 285 deaths. About 55% of the cases in Dallas County so far have been city of Dallas residents.


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