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'It Threw Me Back Up The Stairs': Dallas Apartment Residents Describe Moments During Explosion

UPDATE: 2 Dallas Firefighters Remain In Intensive Care Following Apartment Complex Explosion

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - As the investigation into what happened at the Highland Hills apartment complex Wednesday, Sept. 29 got underway, residents who were inside told CBS 11 was they saw and heard inside.

The blast injured four firefighters and four civilians.

One woman who lived in the complex described the moment she felt the blast.

"And when they tried to open the door, the whole apartment just blew up. It blew up. And that's when I got hit with glass when the apartment got hit, it threw me back up the stairs," said Lekeshia Williams.

Lekeshia Williams
Lekeshia Williams after apartment explosion (CBS 11).

She had cuts all down her arms and legs, and was treated on scene by Dallas Fire-Rescue.

Other residents inside the building could be seen fleeing the area.

"I thought something fell," said Dajainiese Lewis.

She had her two kids inside the apartment Wednesday morning.

"It was an explosion that shook our whole apartment. So I called my momma. I am getting out of here. It's terrifying."

Dallas apt explosion 4
(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

Investigators couldn't give an exact radius on Wednesday of how far the blast could be felt, but residents living on Bluffman Drive, about a quarter of a mile away from the Highland Hills apartment complex, reported feeling the blast this morning.

Many, describing the sound and feeling similar to an earthquake.

"We felt it," said nearby resident Alex Morris. "We are just hoping everyone is ok over there, but we felt it pretty good."

So far no details on how many exact units have been impacted has been released.

Dallas Fire-Rescue says that the American Red Cross is on scene assisting those in need.

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