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Cross-Bearing Texas Teen Arrives In D.C. After Monthlong Journey

SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) - The Oasis Church is in Saginaw, north of Fort Worth. But early Friday the congregation gathered and waited anxiously in the pews to finish a journey 1,400 miles away.

"Our country is in a serious moral decay," the pastor told the congregation over the PA system as they waited. "And that is what this journey is about."

As the pastor paced back and forth delivering his message, images began flickering on a large projection screen behind him. The picture was shaky as the photographer moved the computer's camera into position. But between the blurs of trees and sky there were glimpses of The White House.

The church had gathered to watch 19-year old Junior Garcia finish a cross-bearing pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., The congregation of Oasis watched over the internet.

Finally, there was the face of Garcia on the screen as he leaned against a 12-foot long cross.  "I can't wait to get back home to all of you at the Oasis Church," he told the congregation via the internet. "And I just wanted to share this with you."

Garcia began his journey in early June in Fort Worth. He has carried his cross along highways and back roads almost every day since.

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"I felt God put this in my heart, and it's something I felt so strong about, to just pick up my cross and carry it," Garcia said.

Two small wheels on the bottom of the cross allowed Garcia to carry his burden on his shoulders along the shoulder of the roads during the journey.

"I think its awesome," said Oasis Church member Chuck Mays. "It's not for attention to himself. What he's wanting is to bring this country back to the founding principles it was formed on which is the cross of Jesus Christ. And that was his whole motivation for the whole thing."

"I'm speechless right now, standing here in front of The White House," Garcia told a television photographer in Washington, "I'm amazed that he gave me the strength to make it. God is good. And this nation's attention will be brought back to the cross and brought back to Jesus Christ and we will be one nation under God again."

Garcia's message brought a cheer from the small crowd gathered to welcome him to the nation's capital.  And the congregation watching in North Texas cheered, prayed and sang along with the crowd in D.C. more than a thousand miles away.

"It's just overwhelming," said church member Wanda Knight. "It's overwhelming what he's doing."

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