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'Cops & Robbers' Game Goes Over Badly With Weatherford Cops

WEATHERFORD (CBSDFW.COM) - A modified game of tag, played at night, with cars and up to 60 people, has grown to the point in Weatherford that police had to put out a warning. Called Manhunt, Cops and Robbers or Fugitive, police said it's prompting calls from concerned homeowners and sometimes putting teens in danger.

Police said they started getting clusters of phone calls over the summer about prowlers outside homes. Often it would turn out to be teens, who readily admitted they were just playing a game.  The game involves a group of "robbers" being dropped off at a location across town. They have to make their way back to the original meeting spot without being seen or captured by a group of "cops." In some cases police said kids are jumping fences, running through yards or even hiding out in bushes in front of homes. Residents call police, thinking someone is trying to break in to their house.

"Some of these homeowners are coming and discovering these kids on their property and its making these homeowners a little bit upset at times," said Lt. Chris Crawford. Usually police are able to explain to homeowners what's going on. The concern is that at some point a resident might want to defend their home on their own, rather than call police.

Weatherford High School sophomore Devon Gray said he ended up in a position he called "kind of scary" during a recent game.

"This couple came outside and they called the cops and it turned into kind of a big deal," he said. It hasn't stopped him from playing, and police said their goal isn't to get kids to quit. They do want teens to stay off private property, and parents to know the game is being played.

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