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Convincing Sob Story Leads To Scam In Golden Triangle Area

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) - A woman who preys on the kindness of others to steal hundreds of dollars is apparently preying on victims in The Golden Triangle area.
This scam artist will cry and pray with her victims before stealing money, wallets and credit cards.

The latest incident happened Wednesday at a gym for children called Flips for Fun in north Fort Worth on Alta Vista Drive.

"The lady had a sob story," said Amy Chapman, the owner of the gym and the victim's employer. "Telling her that her mother had just died. It was her birthday today but she didn't have any money because the person that was at the nursing home stole all of her stuff and she was trying to help her kids. and my secretary felt really sorry for her. And they prayed together and she gave her hugs.

The secretary of the gym was so sympathetic for the woman she went to an ATM and withdrew $200 to help the grief-stricken woman get home to her kids. The woman thanked the secretary by breaking into her car as she left.

"Then she opened Courtney's door and took her wallet and her purse," Chapman said. "And then she went to Walgreens and and charged up all of her cards."

Social media was lighting up about the crying criminal before yesterday's robbery, including a picture of her.

A store owner and victims on Facebook say the scam artist targeted people in a Watauga Albertson's parking lot and at a Saginaw business.

The woman cried and looked upset until good-hearted people approached her to help. Just like the secretary at the gym, they were victimized because of their kindness.

"She was trying to do the right thing," Chapman said. "She had woke up that morning and said I'm going to do something nice for somebody and I think that's what she was really trying to do."

The crying scammer is described as an African-American woman in her late 30's or early 40's, about 5'6" tall, 250 to 300 pounds with dark shoulder-length hair sometimes worn in braids.

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