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Best Beer Bars In Dallas

The Meddlesome Moth

1621 Oak Lawn Ave.
Dallas, TX 75207

It's hard to believe this Design District bar has only been open a few months. Combined with its selection and interior, there simply isn't a better place to grab a beer in Dallas.

Behind the extra-long bar sits the 40 draught taps, encased in a simple silver tube. There's no branding on the draught beer itself, only on the simple, minor chalkboard above, on which bartenders clearly scribble the name of each beer.

And don't expect to find Budweiser here; descriptions of each beverage are found on the compact menu; ask the server about the two cask ales, one of which rotates out each Wednesday.

Plus, it's just nice to sit back at the Moth. The spacious, unpretentious interior culls from some of Dallas' past bars and restaurants. For instance, it's impossible to miss the three stained-glass windows that adorn the wall of the restaurant: Those came from the old Hard Rock Café.

Plus, the huge patio is both welcoming and a nice place to spend a cool evening.

The Libertine

2101 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Located in the typically avoidable Greenville Ave., the Libertine is a quality oasis tucked in But this bar knows its beer. All of the nine-or-so taps are rotated weekly to provide the "freshest" beer options to the consumer.

Bartenders are able to opine on each new rotation, or about its global selection of bottled beers.

And this place loves its beers. There's a pint night, where the customer gets to keep the glass. Texas Beer Wednesdays knocks a buck or two of Texas brews. And their monthly 5-course beer dinners are almost guaranteed to be the best food and drink combinations Dallas has to offer that evening.

The Amsterdam

831 Exposition Ave.
Dallas TX 75226

Tucked away near Fair Park, The Amsterdam has carved its niche of regulars on the strength of its beer and spirits and the camaraderie birthed from their consumption.

This is a TV-free zone. The music never overpowers the conversation. The Amsterdam doesn't serve food, but nobody's going to get upset if you bring a pie from the Pizza Lounge next door and set up shop on the bar. They may even have a few paper plates back there.

The communal feel of the Amsterdam is unlike anywhere else in Dallas. You'll see a bunch of the same faces here, but they'll often bring friends, who mostly become regulars. Nothing nearby competes with the Amsterdam's sprawling patio, nor its bottle-juggling owner and bartender Sheldon.

And be sure to grab one of their draught beers. Any India Pale Ale on tap is a good bet.

The Old Monk

2847 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

This Irish pub is another gem in a bar district often defined by its high level of turnover. None of that has fazed The Old Monk, which has, since its opening in 1998, garnered seemingly annual accolades and universal praise in blurbs quite similar to this one.

I could ponder how this Henderson beer joint miraculously transforms standard bar-food like fried calamari into lightly fried, succulent perfection while still excelling with its more unique dishes like the Guinness beef stew or its array of grilled German sausages. Or I could praise its honest interior, fitted with antiques the world over to match the Knox-Henderson area's myriad trinket, furniture and antique shops.

No, this is praise for the beer selection and the wonderfully laid-back feel this spot has. Choose from one of about 100 beers made from breweries as close as McKinney to as far as Ireland and seemingly anywhere in between. The comfort from the setting extends onto the menu; feel free to order what you want and how you want. This is a place to relax.

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