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Atmos To Blame For Residents Losing Sleep From 'Loud Bang!'

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DEEP ELLUM (CBSDFW.COM) - Residents at a Dallas loft complex claim they are losing sleep.

Every few minutes, they are experiencing a "loud bang" right outside of their windows that they said sounds like a gun going off.

"I kept hearing that noise, thinking that it's the dudes over here doing construction on the building," said Hampton Mills, a Deep Ellum resident.

But Mills soon discovered the noise was from a few metal plates slabbed onto the road.

"Sounds like a grenade going off," said Mills.

For the last week, Mills has literally not been able to get away from the bang and the boom.

"I wake up 10-to-15 times a night," said Mills. "You can't tell yourself I'm not going to wake up this time."

The excruciating soundtrack is happening right below his loft window.

"I've certainly overcome larger obstacles than that. But as the noise goes on and the sleepless nights continue… it starts to wear on you," said Mills.

In the evening, Mills and many others feel the situation gets worse. With no markers on the road to warn drivers, they don't see the plates and slow down. Mills feels the speed only makes the noise louder.

When Mills tried complaining to 311... "They said to expect a reply in fewer than ten days and possibly a resolution in no fewer than 45," he said.

When the City of Dallas was contacted, a spokesperson said the plates were installed by Atmos Energy. A spokesperson said they spoke with the gas company and asked for Atmos to nail down the plates and add some sealant.

"I understand things are in a state of flux here. It's construction, it's in Deep Ellum, it's a loud place," said Mills. "But to me, it's above and beyond."

A city spokesperson said Atmos informed them the plates should be removed by next week and that the company would come out beforehand to try to soften the noise.

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