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Ability Connection Helps Adults With Disabilities To See The Worth They Bring To The World

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) --Ability Connection is an organization that serves adults with disabilities. From North Texas to Austin, they serve over 700 members teaching them independent skills.

But their work doesn't stop there. The organization is enabling its members to see the worth they bring to the world.

On a Friday afternoon, November 19 in Dallas, the Ability Connection location in Dallas was bustling with activity as members pack sack lunches for the homeless in Dallas.

Jim Hanophy, the President and CEO of Ability Connection, says it is a way to change the narrative.

"Many people think an individual with a disability is someone that can't contribute, and you can see obviously, these guys have a lot to offer, and they love volunteering in the community," said Hanophy.

He said the desire to serve and be helpful is clear in members like Chris Sanderson.

"I love volunteering with the homeless and taking clothes to them and food and stuff," Sanderson said.

Each member of the organization helps and contributes in their own way.

"Some of our members wouldn't necessarily be able to do [the packing], but they were able to decorate the bags and they love doing that," Hanophy said. "So, everybody gives in their own little way because we serve the entire range of disabilities."

Each member learns skills and a lesson in compassion, all through the act of packing up sack lunches.

"There's different kind of skills, there's organizing, working as a team and all that, but also the benefit of helping others that really hits home with them," Hanophy said. "We spend a lot of time talking about how you can have an impact on your community and they're great at generating ideas, so it's twofold

Hanophy said that they help their clients and the world see, that everyone can make a difference in their own unique way.

"I think they feel happy and good and we like doing it," Sanderson says. "We like going out and visiting people and helping. I like it a lot I think it is fun."

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