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Wayne County Sheriff's S.C.O.U.T Program Assist Area Police With Crime, Speeding In The Community

(CBS DETROIT)- Wayne County Sheriff Deputies making their presence known in the 11th district Thursday night.

"We're out here pretty much dealing with quality of life issues and addressing those that the community wants to see addressed," said Raphael Washington, the Wayne County Sheriff.

One of those issues around the area of East Outer Drive and Mound road is excessive speeding.  We took a ride with deputies and it wasn't long before someone was spotted going over the speed limit.

Sheriff Washington reignited the S.C.O.U.T program in the Spring after its 2012 initiative. He says this is done in collaboration with the Detroit Police Department.

"We've covered probably 7 or 8 different communities or block clubs or community groups within the city of Detroit, we've been asked to go out to Wyandotte and deal with some of the drifting and drag racing that's going on," Washington said.

Washington says another big issue in parts of Detroit are cars being abandon on residential streets, causing a nuisance to home owners.

"Looks like it's been parked here awhile and checked the plate, it doesn't come back to the vehicle," one deputy said.

Deputies say chances are some of these vehicles will come back as being reported stolen.

Washington says they also use this time to speak with and get to know members of the community, and pass out recruiting information to help the agency fill 200 open positions.

The initiative will continue at least through the summer.

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