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True Crime: The Jonbenet Ramsey Investigation: Will Fresh Leads Be The Bombshell Breakthrough In Finding Her Killer?

As the 25th anniversary of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey approaches, the tragic fate of the six-year-old continues to baffle authorities and the public alike.  Today, Dr. Oz and his experts examine what it is about this case that's kept it so fresh in everyone's minds.  They discuss the different theories over the years, how new DNA technology could play a critical role in closing the case, and if there is a new suspect in the investigation. Investigator John San Agustin takes Dr. Oz inside a model of the Ramsey home with exclusive insights on the evidence found and reveals what he believes needs to happen to solve this brutal murder.

Dr. Oz and investigator John San Agustin discuss the significance of the suitcase found in the Ramsey home.

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