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Survey: Appearance At Job Interview Influences Perceptions Of Competence

(CBS Local) -- The interview process is surely one of the most challenging aspects of the job hunting process. But how you look may go a long way in demonstrating you are the right fit.

A whopping 88 percent of job candidates say how they look in an interview has the ability to influence the interviewer's perception of their competence, according to a new survey.

The 2019 JDP Hiring survey of 1,997 people aged 18 to 70, conducted in November, also revealed that 86 percent of job candidates believe it's important to look physically attractive in an interview.

On average, respondents said they spend over an hour thinking about, shopping for, or picking out an interview outfit for a job interview. And despite all that effort, 54 percent say they still worry that some aspect of their appearance could cost them a job.

For women, the top three concerns were weight (25 percent), clothing (18 percent) and not enough makeup (16 percent). Men were most concerned about clothing (38 percent), weight (24 percent), and frumpiness (11 percent).

All that being said, 63 percent of respondents believe they have benefited from their appearance in an interview.

The survey also revealed more men than women prefer to be seen as competent over likable.

41 percent said they negotiate every salary offer they receive.

59 percent of respondents say they have been asked about their personal life. One in three have been asked about their relationship status.

And one in five said they have been flirted with during an interview. By the way, 71 percent of men said they flirted back while 58 percent of women said they did so.

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