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Student Heroes: Team Captain Sets Example On And Off The Court

LIVONIA (WWJ) - When a high school athlete is named a captain in any sport, they take on a certain responsibility to not only lead their team on and off the field of play, but also juggle a workload that many may not be able to handle.

Livonia Franklin's Kennedy Mang has certainly been up to the task as she carries a 4.2 GPA, works part time at Bob Evans and is also the captain and setter for the Patriots varsity volleyball team.


Kennedy Mang
Kennedy Mang

She compares her role on the squad to that of a quarterback on a football team.

"My role is basically to run the floor, make sure all the girls know where they were gonna be playing that game, finding the good spots for them to hit at, and making sure they're always staying positive," said Mang.

Her coach Ashly Butkowski meanwhile says what made Kennedy stand out as a team leader, is her love of the game, and love for helping others.

"She just shows how much loves she has for the sport, and if you put your mind and heart into playing that you can do well and succeed in what you want to accomplish," Butkowski said.

In fact, Mang is now looking into multiple universities on a volleyball scholarship; although, she says, her academics come first.

"I had a couple schools reach out to me," Mang said. "One in particular is William Penn University in Iowa. I've also have contact with Finlandia University, which is in the Upper Peninsula; and I have a few more schools that I'm going to visit, but I'm also looking at it from an academic standpoint, so, there's just a lot to think about for college."


If you know anyone that could be labeled a student hero, by setting an example or excelling as a teammate in a unique way, overcoming a challenge, helped a friend or neighbor, gives back to others, or is otherwise an inspiration?

Send an email to WWJ at including a detailed description of who they are and why the student(s) should be featured.


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