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St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Tony Cruz Walk Up Music From 'Wolf Of Wall Street' [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Leo's such a bad ass it's almost beyond words, he gets laid in that movie 20 times, it almost seems that every 10 minutes this dude is doing the deed with some of the world's hottest women. It's not the only reason I like the movie -- but it's pretty great.

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz also seems to be a big fan of the movie as well.

There is a scene early on in the movie when Leo (Jordan Belfort) goes with his boss, Matthew McConaughey's character, to lunch. At lunch, McConaughey gives a speech that will go down in movie history as one of the raunchiest ever, and orders a bunch of drinks. Then he starts beating his chest and asks Leo to join in.

Cruz walked out to this song on Tuesday night much to the announcer's delight.

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