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3 Michigan Businesses Using Social Media To Connect In Unique Ways

Connecting with customers via social media can be an integral part of your marketing strategy, but it must be done well in order to be successful. Simply posting regularly does not necessarily convert fans into customers. When executed correctly, a social media campaign can increase the reach of your business and introduce it to people who may not have even considered your product. Here are some Michigan-based businesses using social media successfully.


The Michigan Science Center

Formerly known as the Detroit Science Center, The Michigan Science Center utilized social media to attract business following a renovation and rebranding. Museum officials enlisted the aid of the "TweetTeam" from a company called Hay There Social Media to launch a Twitter campaign spreading the word and attracting new visitors. Team members were able to experience the museum first-hand and share their experiences to potential visitors. Launched during spring break, the team successfully engaged a new audience for the museum. Nearly four years later, the Michigan Science Center still utilizes its social media accounts to engage museum-goers and science fans.



Operating out of Metro Detroit, Pactz provides gift boxes with unique items made in Michigan. Though the company ships its boxes all over the United States, its identity is 100 percent Michigan. Its Facebook page routinely features photos from area residents of the unique aspects of the state, and the company uses Twitter to engage customers on many different topics, both business related and about the state of business in Michigan in general.

The Great Lakes State

Featuring clothing and accessories to show off your love for Michigan, The Great Lakes State routinely uses its Instagram account to engage customers. Along with posts by the company, The Great Lakes State also posts photos by local residents and photographers. Its Instagram account is a great way to discover new Michigan-based artists as well, since they are regularly featured on the site.

Michigan businesses are finding new ways to engage customers and revitalize the area, and they are taking full advantage of social media. Many of these companies are reaching audiences throughout the country creating buzz and generating more business for the area.


This article was written Alaina Brandenburger for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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