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SHARE Detroit connects you to non-profits

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (CW50) Detroit is filled with many neighborhoods, non-profits, and businesses, and now there is a platform that is bringing them all together so you can learn how to support the one that best aligns with your passion. SHARE Detroit was started with the hopes of doing GOOD and investing in the community, all while being fun, easy and something everyone should do and anyone can do.    

Janette Phillips

Executive Director, Jannette Phillips, says it "eliminates the need for a person who wants to give back to their community to Google." All you have to do is log on to and use the filters to find a nonprofit.  


SHARE Detroit started by getting to know the non-profits in the city. "We just got to know nonprofits through the community and reached out to them, told them about our platform, and they joined on," said Phillips. They are now at the point that other nonprofits are telling other nonprofits why they should be on the platform.  

"We're trying to embrace all nonprofits," says Phillips. In order for a nonprofit to join the site they must have been in business for a year, a website, and be classified as a 501C3.  


When SHARE Detroit first launched, they started with twenty nonprofits and now have grown close to include 320 from around Metro Detroit.  

Another bonus of SHARE Detroit is the volunteer pillar, according to Phillips, "it is our strongest pillar right now. People want to come and give back to do good work."  


To search for nonprofits in your backyard to support visit  

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