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Science of Weather: Detroit Tigers Baseball Field

After a long winter season, for some baseball season is well a breath of fresh air. Temperatures are warming, the grass is turning greener and of course watching the Tigers play downtown. Sights and sounds of Comerica Park are unlike anything else, especially on game day. Fans cheering, the delicious baseball food, hoping for a win. Overall, just a lot of fun. Look at the stadium though, an open roof means the weather is a huge factor, so checking the weather is crucial…. Year-round.

Heather Nabozny, Head Groundskeeper Detroit Tigers tells us how important it is to keep an eye on the weather. "It's the first thing I do in the morning when I wake up and, it's the last thing I do before I go to bed is check the weather and it's all the way through the day too."

Our friends at Comerica Park really hit home how important it is to keep the field in tip-top shape no matter the forecast.
Heather Nabozny adds, "If it's raining, or if its humid, if the air is dry and dew points are low. It affects the field because the moisture helps soften the field. As far as the infield clay and stuff like that. Plus, since it is clay, we have to cover if it is going to rain."

Each season provides unique situations. Since it's Spring, there are some challenges when it comes to keeping the ground in pristine condition.

"We are worried about frost coming out of the ground, getting the grass green, and trying to heat up the field as best as we can. Fall is the opposite." replies Heather.

The team must be prepared to react to whatever mother nature throws their way. There's a complicated method to this science and I just had to ask the expert, what can I do at home to make my grass look a little bit better?

"Fertilize in the Fall so you build up that carbohydrate in the plant and it's ready to go for Springtime. Fertilize again in the Spring. Crabgrass control is always a good idea." she replies.

Heather is such an inspiration to many. She is from Michigan, practicing in her home state. Get this, she became the first female Head Groundskeeper in the MLB.

Heather adds, "Tigers are my team!"

She tells me how this reality comes from a team effort. Hopefully, the weather will be sunny and bright for all the Detroit Tiger games yet to come. Now that's a Science of Weather homerun! I'm Meteorologist Kylee Miller.

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