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Oakland County Residents Targeted In Jury Duty Scam

PONTIAC (WWJ) - Criminals keep coming up with new ways to take advantage of people. The latest scam has been targeting Oakland County residents.

According to the sheriff's office, residents will get a phone call from someone pretending to be with the circuit court, telling them that they've missed jury duty and that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

The scammers then tell the would-be victim to call a second number to pay their "non-appearance jury duty fees" with a pre-paid Green Dot Visa Card in order to clear the warrant. When residents call the second number, police say the phone is answered by someone who says "Warrants Unit" and claims to be specific sheriff's office employee.

"I'm completely outraged," Oakland County Chief Judge Nanci Grant told WWJ's Charlie Langton.

"I cannot believe that anyone would take advantage of any citizen, especially in the name of jury duty, and to scare anyone into thinking that somehow they're going to be arrested and that they need to make payments to a court to make it all go away, it's bewildering and it's disappointing," Grant said. "Our court administration is certainly not calling people that they've missed jury duty, and certainly not issuing bench warrants and looking for money to have those warrants set aside."

Anyone who receives a call from a court or sheriff's office employee requesting money regarding fees for failing to appear for jury duty, should immediately contact police -- and under no circumstances make any payments.  If you suspect you are being scammed, there is a very good chance you are.

Residents receiving these types of phone calls should contact police at 248-858-4911.

Questions regarding jury duty service can be directed to the Oakland County Jury Office at 248-858-0029.

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