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Missing Detroit Teen Autumn Allen Found Safe, Mother Speaks Out

(CBS DETROIT) - If you see something, say something.

That's what a Detroit mother wants the community to know.

She says the eyes and ears of the public led to her daughter's safe return.

"Ya'll just saved a life, ya'll just helped save my daughter's life," said Rosia Allen.

She says she feels like she just woke up from her worse nightmare.

Sunday her daughter Autumn Allen went to a party with friends, but when she returned home, something was off.

"She was real slow to talking and slow to like kind of comprehending things," Rosia said.

When Rosia went to check on her, Autumn was gone.

Surveillance video shows the 16-year-old left home, wandering in the Nicky D's parking lot on Greenfield and 7 Mile.

A man in a silver Impala pulled up, Autumn got in and vanished for three days.

"He could see that maybe she might not had been in her right mind or something was going on," Rosia said.

"She was barefoot walking. She looked distraught. You know for him to just be ok with driving off knowing that something was going on with this girl is wild."

Autumn's mother and loved ones immediately organized a search, knocking on doors and passing out flyers from sunrise to the wee hours of the morning..

Then Wednesday morning a tip came in.

Autumn was found in the same car seen in the surveillance video.

"I'm thankful for those kind Samaritans that did see something wrong and you know, helped," Rosia said.

"Thank God for that and thank God that that car broke down."

Her mother, leaving the community with these words.

"We just held each other for a long time and we cried and we were praying and we were thanking God," Rosia said.

"Thanking God for his many blessings and thanking God for the people that really prayed hard. It worked. Prayer works."

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