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Michigan Matters: Beaumont Health System & Healthcare Roundtable

This week on Michigan Matters, Host Carol Cain sits down with Gene Michalski, Beaumont Health System CEO, to talk healthcare and the impending Affordable Care Act. They also discuss mergers and what may lie ahead for the major medical system.

Then the Roundtable of Business Executive Denise Ilitch, Detroit Economic Club CEO Beth Chappell, and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel continue the healthcare conversation as well as other hot button topics such as who is to blame for the Wayne County Jail saga? What conversation did Denise Ilitch have with Reggie Bush that ended up on ESPN? Why is Beth Chappell is focusing on the Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines? And why is it important that Lake St. Claire have some "Bad-ass Bass"?

Michigan Matters: Beaumont and Roundtable Seg 1Michigan Matters: Gene Michalski Seg 1

Michigan Matters: Beaumont and Roundtable Seg 2Michigan Matters: Gene Michalski Seg 2

Michigan Matters: Beaumont and Roundtable Seg 3Michigan Matters: Roundtable Seg 3

Michigan Matters: Beaumont and Roundtable Seg 4Michigan Matters: Roundtable Seg 4

Watch Michigan Matters this Sunday at 11:30 am on CBS 62 to find out the answers to those questions and more!

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