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Michigan Matters: Celebrating 3 Trailblazers & Black History Month

Southfield (CBS Detroit) - As Black History Month continues, three African American leaders dominating their professions – Suzanne Shank, President/CEO of  Siebert Williams Shank, Dr. Kenneth L. Harris, President/CEO of the National Business League, and Keith Wyche, Vice President of Community Engagement at Walmart - appear on CBS 62's "Michigan Matters" to talk about their careers, helping to pave the way for young people and much more.

Shank appeared with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host, and talked about her firm, Siebert Williams Shank, which just celebrated its 25thanniversary. It is the No 1 women-owned and minority-owned investment banking firm in the nation.

Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Suzanne Shank, President/CEO of Siebert Williams Shank

It has offices in New York and other cities and Shank runs it from her downtown Detroit office.

Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Dr. Kenneth L. Harris, President/CEO of National Business League

Harris runs the National Business League which was started 122 years ago by Booker T. Washington, the iconic leader and educator who focused on creating opportunities for African American businesses.  The organization today has over 120,000 members  across the globe.

Harris talked how black-owned businesses were doing in Michigan and also the nation.

Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Keith Wyche, Author "Diversity is Not Enough" and VP of Community Engagement at Walmart Stores, Inc.

Wyche, who has held top positions at IBM, AT&T and other major corporations, now works for Walmart.

He's written a new book, "Diversity is Not Enough; A Roadmap to Recruit, Develop and Promote Black Leaders in America," which talks about diversity, equity and inclusion at companies and organizations.

He shared insights into how firms have successfully and unsuccessfully addressed these issues.

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