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Local Property Restoration Company Sends Help To East Coast

BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) - A local company, deemed the largest property restoration company in the country, is playing a key role in helping Hurricane Sandy victims recover.

Sheldon Yellen, CEO of Birmingham-based Belfor, said they have 14 full serve offices that are located in the path of where Superstorm Sandy hit.

"We immediately start to do water extraction and then follow-up with dehumidification services, and again, our job is trying to prevent mold and mildew from growing, so the next step in the process would be to do demolition, tear out, and then the rebuilding process begins," he said.

Yellen said his employees are facing challenges and sacrifices to help out on the east coast, but it's something they just have to do.

"The left their own homes, which had no power, their families were obviously in need as well, they left their own homes to attend those offices and to be dispatched to areas where we were requested to be," he said.

Yellen said because of the gas shortage in New York, Belfor has deployed fuel trucks out of Michigan to ensure his workers can get to where they need to be.

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