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John Daly Hits Golf Ball Out Of Kath Michelle's Mouth [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

John Daly may have been at the Masters selling merchandise -- and that may be the closest he will get to going back to the Masters.

Daly is yet again up to some of his antics. This time, he hit a golf ball out of a pretty lady's mouth. This lady is Kath Michelle, who is trying to be a model. I'm not really sure if her modeling career is going to take off after this stunt, but I know I had to check out her Twitter page to see what she is all about.

Check out the Instagram video below of Daly hitting the ball from Michelle's mouth.

I really expected something bad to happen, like when a golfer hit a golf ball from a Playmate's rear end.

Would you ever allow a professional golfer to hit a ball from your mouth?

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