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Paul McCartney And James Corden Drive Through Liverpool On 'Carpool Karaoke'

"The Late Late Show" traveled across the pond this past week as James Corden hosted his late-night talk show from Central Hall in Westminster, London. Thursday night's episode featured a particularly special treat for both Corden and fans alike as Sir Paul McCartney took part in the popular segment "Carpool Karaoke."

Corden and McCartney took a drive down memory lane in the legendary singer's hometown of Liverpool - appropriately beginning their travels on none other than Penny Lane. McCartney and Corden belted out the iconic song inspired by this famous road and popped into the very barbershop that inspired the line, "Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs/Of every head he's had the pleasure to know/And all the people that come and go/Stop and say Hello."

Shelly and Jordan (Source:
Shelly and Jordan (Source:

Once back in the car, McCartney opened up about the story behind one of the Beatle's greatest hits, "Let It Be."

"I had a dream in the 60's where my mom, who died, came to me in the dream and was reassuring me saying, 'It's going to be OK, just let it be,'" said McCartney. "And I felt so sort of great and boy - it's going to be great, she gave me the positive words. So I woke up and I went, 'What was that she said, let it be? I've never heard that, that's kind of good.' So I wrote the song "Let It Be" but it was her positivity."

Following the classic tune's origin story, Corden and McCartney sang "Let It Be" together in the car - an experience that moved "The Late Late Show" host to tears as he explained what the song means to him.

"I can remember my Granddad, who's a musician, and my dad sitting me down and saying, 'We're going to play you the best song you've ever heard,' and I remember them playing me that," said Corden. "If my Granddad was here right now he'd get an absolute kick out of this."

Corden and McCartney share a hug after their drive through Liverpool. (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Next up on the tour was a trip to 20 Forthlin Road where McCartney and John Lennon wrote many of the songs that would go on to reach people all around the globe. Despite this being his first trip back since living there decades ago, Sir Paul was still able to navigate the home with ease and shared tales of playing songs for his father in the living room, recording audio in the bathroom and donning fake mustaches to, unsuccessfully, sneak by fans crammed on the lawn as the Beatles began their rise to superstardom.

The final stop on Corden and McCartney's adventure featured a surreal experience for the patrons of a local pub as they were treated to a full concert from the timeless musician. For the show's finale, it was Corden on the receiving end of a once-in-a-life-time surprise after being invited onstage to sing "Hey Jude" with Liverpool's favorite son.

"The Late Late Show" returns to U.S. soil next week at it's regularly scheduled time (12:37 AM EST/11:37 PM C), only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.

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