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Flint Mayor Calls Out Republicans Over Water Crisis At DNC

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WWJ) - Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said her city is "in crisis"  while on stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

She called out Republicans for the lead-tainted water crisis and says Hillary Clinton is committed to fix the problem.

"Struggling cities are a national crisis, not just a Flint crisis, she made a commitment that as president she will work for a lead-free America," said Weaver.

Weaver said that Clinton's team helped Flint's Water Works program on the ground helping to employ young adults in Flint -- to rebuild their own community.

Before Weaver's appearance a video was played called "Voices For Flint" featuring residents impacted by the water crisis.

Weaver says Clinton has committed to solving the problem -- that she says Republican lawmakers caused to "save a handful of dollars."

The 'Flint water crisis', as it became known, stemmed from a cost-cutting measure by Gov. Rick Snyder's administration in 2014. The city of Flint switched its water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River —a move that contaminated the city's drinking water with lead - and took residents years to have seriously addressed by the state of Michigan.

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