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Drowning In Debt, Younger Workers Feeling Disillusioned With American Dream

DETROIT (WWJ) - "Was the American Dream...just a dream?" That's one of the weighty questions tackled at the "Techonomy" Conference in Detroit Tuesday.

Liz Shuler, secretary treasurer of the AFL CIO, was on the panel and says many workers -- especially young workers are disillusioned.

"Their unemployment levels are double that of the average, they're drowning under debt whether it's credit card debt - just to survive or the debt they accumulated trying to get a college degree and now can't find a job to pay it off," said Shuler.

The "Techonomy" Conference focused on the role new technology plays in job growth and innovation.

"Historically we have grappled with changes in technology and I think folks here in Detroit know it better than anyone - how do we get on the front edge of it - how do we prepare workers and really invest in the kind of work force development to get highly skilled, highly trianed people that ... these companies are looking for."

Shuler says the Labor Movement has been "grappling" with staying ahead of the technology curve ... and believes engaging the next generation is critical.

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