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Detroit's 'Red Bull House Of Art' Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

DETROIT (CBS 62) – This Friday, April 24th, Detroit's "Red Bull House Of Art" will celebrate its third anniversary with its most significant gallery opening to-date.

What is the Red Bull House of Art, you ask? It's a creative community - and gallery - located at 1551 Winder in Eastern Market. Seven to eight promising artists are selected for three-month residencies, where they can let their creative juices flow, thriving on artistic energy and enjoying their own individual studio cubes. At the conclusion of each cycle is an unveiling - including artwork from each artist - and following that, the artwork is displayed in the Red Bull House of Art gallery, open to the public each Saturday.

CBS 62 spoke to a representative of Red Bull, and she said of Detroit, "We couldn't have picked a better place to open an art gallery."

Friday's opening marks RBHOA's 10th cycle of talented local artists, bringing the grand total above 80 artists to have held residencies there over the past three years.

Red Bull House of Art
(credit: Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull House of Art)

Matt Eaton, Curator of Detroit's Red Bull House of Art, says of the gallery space (and its mission), "Detroit is leading the charge in incubating young, up-and-coming, established artists in a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art facility in a historic neighborhood. Each artist is given a 12-week residency to create without constraint or budgetary limits, allowing collections of work to be created that they've only dreamed of."

With media ranging from acrylics to charcoal, photo collages to laser cut wood, and more - these Cycle 10 artists are sure to impress with works displayed in their own unique styles.

Learn more about the seven artists debuting their pieces at Friday's opening:

Elmer is a Detroit street artist using his time at Red Bull House of Art experimenting with laser-cut wood assemblage and retro-futuristic styling for the first time. Parisa Ghaderi is a multidisciplinary new media artist exploring the concept of nostalgia through her Iranian heritage. Brent Forrest is borrowing from the world of animation to create custom light boxes with digitally painted cells depicting a blend of sci-fi-soaked landscapes. Using music as a guiding force, SHEEFY has crafted a vivid body of work all its own. Niki Urban's obsessively detailed charcoal and pen drawings depict nightmarish fantasy scenes influence from a young spent in Poland. K. Guillory's work explores how women are viewed in today's Internet-saturated society. James 'Jimbo' Braddock has turned a young of growing up on Saturday morning cartoons into a style all his own.

Red Bull House of Art
(credit: Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull House of Art)

Friday's gallery opening will take place from 7-11pm at 1551 Winder in Eastern Market. It is free and open to the public!

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