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Detroit EM Order RE: Charles Pugh

Kevyn Orr Order via

The EM has determined that Council President Charles Pugh has failed to fulfill his obligations and duties as a member and President of City Council; and By their express ten11S, the EM reserved the right to "modify, amend, rescind, replace, supplement or otherwise revise" Orders Nos. I and 3 at any time; and The EM hereby modifies and revises Orders Nos. I and 3 as follows:

It is hereby ordered that:
1. Order Nos. 1 and 3 are modified and revised solely in accordance with the terms of this Order. Except as expressly modified or revised herein, Order Nos. I and 3 shall remain in full force and effect.

2. The salary, wages, and compensation authorized by Order No. 1 for Council President Charles Pugh are hereby tem1inated and eliminated in full as of July 7, 2013.

3. During the period that Mr. Pugh remains a member of City Council, any authority granted in Order No. 3 for Mr. Pugh to act in the capacity as Council President is hereby revoked.

4. If any component of this Order is declared illegal, unenforceable or ineffective by a court of competent jurisdiction, such component shall be deemed severable so that all other components contained in this Order shall remain valid and effective.

5. This Order is effective immediately upon the date of execution below.

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