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Deadline To File For Flood Damage Assistance From FEMA Nearing

WARREN (WWJ) - Governor Rick Snyder is urging residents and business owners who saw damage from August's floods to register with FEMA for benefits.

If your home or business was damaged by the flood, the time to register with FEMA, in order to receive benefits, is before November 24.

"If you follow-up with the city, if you follow-up with insurance, that does not help with FEMA. You have to separately register with FEMA, so that's critically important. And there are two great places that people should be using to contact FEMA; one is the hotline ... and the other is the website," said Snyder.

Snyder said they have already seen strong results in terms of sign-up and distribution of funds.

"They've already distributed $10 million assistance and there is both grant assistance and loan assistance - if FEMA itself can't help you because of your situation, you might be eligible for a small business loan - an administration loan, with low-interest, that can be very helpful to people."

Snyder says the deadline to register is November 24.

For more information call 1-(800) 621-FEMA or click on [HERE]

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