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Creepy Cheapy VIII: 'Secret of the Ooze' is this Friday!

It's the time of year for haunted houses, hayrides, and costume parties...and this Halloween season, Detroit Proud is highlighting a couple of our favorite bands performing at one the ghoulishly grooviest parties in town - Creepy Cheapy VIII: Secret of the Ooze, at The Crofoot in downtown Pontiac! Share the Halloween spirit with more than 15 bands on three stages along with a packed costume-clad crowd this Friday, October 23rd!

Bands will be in full costume, rockin' out live cover songs from your favorite artists. Expect to hear covers of the Foo Fighters, INXS, The Black Keys, Black Sabbath, and more! Detroit Proud caught up with A.J. Jezewski, drummer from Nina & the Buffalo Riders (performing with his band as Joe Cocker), and George Morris, frontman of George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus (performing with Ronny Tibbs as Simon & Garfunkel) to chat about their upcoming performances at Creepy Cheapy. Check out what they had to say!

Tell Detroit Proud about the music! How did your performances come together? 

AJ: We're performing six songs in the style of Joe Cocker's 'Mad Dogs'. We played a Joe Cocker medley this summer and always envisioned performing "With a Little Help From My Friends" in front of a lot of people. We've been huge fans and supporters of the School of Rock students - a light bulb went off and we decided to invite four girls from School of Rock to sing '70s style backup vocals. They make the chorus and harmonies sound great.

We're performing six songs influenced by Cocker's album Mad Dogs and Englishmen and we're really looking forward to Creepy Cheapy.  It's our first performance in Pontiac. Looking forward to showing the Crofoot how we do our thing.

George: Ronny and I were drunkenly joking about it months ago, and then he signed up without telling me. I've always been a huge fan of Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon is a much better guitar player than people realize - I think the hardest part was learning the fingerpicking patterns on a few of the songs.

The first thing that stands out about their music to me, I think, is obviously the amazing songwriting.  After digging a little deeper, I think you start to realize just how cool the harmonies are. They're very unique and in some places, really make the whole song.  Simon & Garfunkel also have kind of a funny dynamic on stage.  We're definitely trying to capture that.

What makes Creepy Cheapy a cool event for the musicians?

George:  I love people in costumesIt's a lot of work, to be honest with you, but after it's over, you're always happy you did it.  You have to kind of take a break from being a band and learn all these new songs.

How'd you put together your Simon & Garfunkel costume?

George: I didn't do much, just grew a mustache and had my girlfriend dress me.  Ronny's costume is pretty amazing though.  The hair is incredible.

Any favorite memories of past Halloweens that stand out?

AJ: I grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, which is really close to Canada - there was three feet of snow and it was 20 degrees on Halloween. I remember putting my Ninja Turtle costume over my snowpants and winter coat, and I had to dodge snowblowers and people shoveling their sidewalks as I was trick-or-treating. I was determined!

Sounds nasty! Speaking of nasty, was there a 'treat' your neighbors handed out that made you want to 'trick'?  

AJ: Oh, I hated to get homemade treats. Like hand-wrapped popcorn balls or something. Cheap-Os. [Laughs].

George: I think pennies is the worst thing to give out.  And toothbrushes.  I also never liked those orange circus peanuts.

There's 15 performances Friday night - are there a few you're looking forward to checking out? 

AJ: ANA's performance as the Foo Fighters should be cool and The School of Rock kids performing as Black Sabbath.

George: I'm excited for [Khary WAE Frazier & Lo Deez as] Snoop and Dr. Dre, [Givensix as] Marilyn Manson should be cool too.  I'm also playing keys [with Jet Black Blonde] in Foreigner, so I'm looking forward to that.

Don't miss George Morris & AJ Jezewski preform LIVE this Friday at this year's Creepy Cheapy as Simon & Garfunkel and Joe Cocker!

Click HERE to follow George Morris on Facebook & HERE to listen and download his music for FREE!

Find out more about Nina & the Buffalo Riders (and find links to listen to their music) on their website HERE!

Need your Creepy Cheapy tickets? HERE is where you can find them! 

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