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Christmas In July? Some Have Already Started Holiday Shopping

DETROIT (WWJ) - Even though summer is in full swing, some shoppers already have their sights set on the holiday season, according to a new survey.

As Christmas in July sales ramp up, more than one-in-ten (13 percent) of U.S. adults reveal they have already started shopping for the 2012 holiday season. In addition, nearly one-in-five (17 percent) said they plan to take advantage of Christmas in July sales for their holiday shopping this year.

Families with young children are significantly more likely to start their shopping sooner rather than later. Nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of U.S. adults with children under the age of six said they have done shopping for the upcoming holiday season, while 36 percent plan to take advantage of Christmas in July sales.

Many U.S. adults are making progress checking off names on their holiday gift lists. When asked how far along they are with their shopping, U.S. adults who have started shopping said the following:

  • I'm completely done – 4 percent
  • Bought most of my gifts already – 15 percent
  • Have some of my gifts – 36 percent
  • Have one or two items – 45 percent

When asked why they shop for the holidays early in the year, more than half (54 percent) of those who shop all year round or eight months to a year in advance said it's because that's when they'll find the best deals.

Some said they like to give themselves enough time to find the perfect gifts (48 percent), while others like to get shopping done early since they're so busy during the holiday season (44 percent).

When asked when they start their holiday shopping, U.S. adults said the following:

  • All year round, I continually shop for the holidays – 11 percent
  • Eight months to one year in advance – 3 percent
  • Three to seven months in advance – 18 percent
  • One month to less than three months in advance – 36 percent
  • Less than one month in advance – 21 percent

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of CouponCabin from June 28 through July 2 among 2,209 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

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