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Breast Cancer Survivor Tells Her Story Of Grief, Surprise, Perseverance, Family, and Love

Southfield (CW50) - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and on this week's Community Connect, we wanted to focus on the detection systems, treatments, and support systems that breast cancer patients and survivors have in our world today. But first we wanted to hear the story of a survivor, one who went through multiple surgeries, chemo therapy rounds, and so much more in her battle against the disease.

Kelly Lodish Calcaterra is a survivor of triple-negative breast cancer, which is a type of cancer that doesn't have as many direct treatment options as other forms of breast cancer. Luckily, her cancer was found her through a routine mammogram. Later it was confirmed through a biopsy.

Kelly Lodish
Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Breast Cancer Survivor Kelly Lodish Calcaterra

She joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about her diagnosis, as well as her treatment that she went to, and how her family was there to support her every step of the way.

A lot of nerves, anxiety, and emotions come with a cancer diagnosis, but Calcaterra was surprised by the amount of pathways she could take with her treatment plan to make it work for her. The first thing she did was ask for an MRI, which led to the discovery of a second tumor. She decided to go through a very aggressive route in her treatment with a double mastectomy with reconstruction.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 10.48.02 AM
Kelly Lodish Calcaterra during chemotherapy treatment

She also went through eight rounds of chemotherapy, which is a process that can be extremely draining physically. However, she decided that she would work throughout her treatment, even with the difficulties and challenges.

Luckily, she had an incredible support system with her. She has four kids ranging from 10-19 years old, and a husband who she referred to as "unbelievable" and her "rock" throughout it all.

Calcaterra gave some words of advice to others who may be just starting their battle with breast cancer saying, "Feel all the feelings, it's going to be OK, have a positive attitude that is the biggest thing, do your research, understand your disease... be your own advocate."

She also emphasized the importance of early detection through mammograms.

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