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Black History: Young Broker Working To Make Detroit A Thriving City Once Again

austin black
Austin Black (credit: Stephanie Davis/WWJ)

WWJ celebrates Black History Month by recognizing our local young African-American professionals and their heroes in black history.

DETROIT (WWJ) - He's a young power broker selling and managing real estate properties in Detroit's hottest neighborhoods.

Austin Black, II — a graduate of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art —started his company "City Living Detroit" four years ago after being in the business for nine years. His mission and passion: to make Detroit a thriving city once again.

"Detroit has a strong sense of community," Black told WWJ's Stephanie Davis, "and people want to see the city succeed; and they look towards others — particularly this next generation coming up — as the group that can help take the city to the next level."

Black's inspiration in Black History, he says, is the late South African President, Nelson Mandela.

"I was a kid when he was released from prison, and I went to see him at Tigers Stadium when he came to Detroit," Black said. "And then, after that, as a young kid I was exposed to what apartheid was, I think, earlier than a lot of my peers, because one of my best friends in elementary school was a white South African who recently moved to the U.S.."

"I learned firsthand from my mom what it all meant, apartheid, and some of the struggles that some of the South Africans face," he said. "So, for me, it was more of a personal connection through those experiences.

Later in life, Black said, he had the opportunity to visit South Africa.

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