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Big Four Leaders In Metro Detroit Talk Prop 1, Legalization Of Pot

DETROIT (WWJ) - The Big Four leaders of Detroit, Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties told the members of the 8 Mile Boulevard Association just how they will vote on next month's Proposal 1 to raise the sales tax to pay for repairs on Michigan roads.

All but Oakland County Executive L Brooks Patterson said they will vote yes, although Wayne County Executive Warren Evans says he could rather see a flat gas tax.

"There are other ways to fix the roads without jamming the taxpayers," said Patterson. "How about racinos - two or three states that have racinos are generating between $600-$900 million a year dedicated to roads."

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan joked that the state could legalize pot to raise money for road repairs. "Pot for potholes," yelled Duggan over the audience laughter.

"Amen," said Patterson. "Who cares about the roads when they are doobing."

Amid the laughter Hackel said he's buy Patterson a Cheech and Chong roaches "I want to see this guy high, I tell ya, can you imagine that? You think he's funny now? Somebody bring the munchies."

Evans says he's not in favor of it ... however:

"I think that's going to happen in time," said Evans, " ... around four o'clock." And then retracted the statement.

All jokes aside, none of the leaders, including Duggan, said they favor legalizing pot but each believes that legalization is on the horizon.

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