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Big Brother 15 Episode 2: Playing Nice

The honeymoon phase has ended in the Big Brother house and it's time to play the game. However the editing is making me feel like these players are playing a little too safe and too nice. Maybe I should check out the live feeds. Was anyone surprised by how much air time was given for Rachel Reilly? My excitement for this season has ended; I'm just waiting for a back to be stabbed and the claws to come out.


So we still don't know who this person is this week, but I'm hoping Helen is it! I have this gut feeling that Elissa will win it and I don't feel as though it's deserving because her sister was on the show before and that's a fan base that will vote. I am still excited about this twist and how it will change the game. Floaters however are still in this game even with the twist. Especially with this big of a cast so we still have life vests being used in this house.

Another Alliance & Showmance In Bloom

The Moving Company … really? It's as bad as last season's "Quack Pack," even Dan (@dangheesling) tweeted that the name was bad. It'll be interesting to see if Nick's theory is correct and this five-guy alliance can all make final five. Even the Quack Pack lost a member for the final five. The group wouldn't be too suspect of an alliance but that could also make them even more susceptible to being in one. I was surprised that Nick called Spencer a "sleeper" type player, don't count Spencer out. Spencer looks to be playing a great social game and Nick shouldn't count him out.

The first showmance is in bloom and I'm dubbing them "Barbie & Ken," which is Aaryn & David. This could be a really powerful couple but as we know with showmances they usually don't last. I was shocked to hear the David was more into the showmance than winning the game. David needs to remember he's playing for a half a million dollars not a budding romance, this isn't an ABC show with roses.

Rachel Reilly's Sister

It's not a surprise that this information was being leaked and finally revealed. Elissa knew that this was eventually going to get out and she went up to McCrae to let him know. Now McCrae is a super fan of this show and so of course he's excited to know this information but also as a game player could hurt him. I'm very surprised how vocal Aaryn is about Elissa begin Rachel's sister. Last time I checked Rachel wasn't cast this season, so could we please stop with the flashbacks of Rachel? I predict that we get a segment with Rachel sometime this season on her thoughts about her sisters gameplay as well as the other houseguests.

Have/Have Not Competition

Howard was the weak link for his group. It does go to show just because you may have muscle doesn't mean you're the player for every competition. I enjoyed that Howard acknowledged this fact and sadly I think with his slow start as well as the team having to start over cost them the competition. Which we were then treated to the Have Not room this season and it's really bad. Who would want to sleep in an airplane seat for a week? Definitely not me but at least they could also just sleep on the floor.

We were then treated with America's Vote! The options and voting began immediately after the announcement for next week's have nots. My personal choice is oysters & okra. But we'll see which one America decides; whether it's my choice or bologna & blue cheese or liver & lima beans. I wish for America's choice we were able to decide a punishment for the have nots too besides giving the houseguests extra food to eat with slop.

McCrae Plays It Safe

It was interesting to hear that McCrae didn't want to have much blood on his hands and he wanted to do what the house wanted. Is McCrae playing for the house and no himself? McCrae needed to put up some strong people and hope that the BBMVP would also put another strong player up. Then that lessens the odds for strong players to take themselves off. But I'm just hypothesizing a possible game strategy. In the end he nominates weak players (in my opinion) and didn't go for strong competitors. I wonder how the BBMVP's nomination will impact the POV. Hopefully Candice and Jessie step up their game and fight to stay in the house.

Predictions For BBMVP, BBMVP Nomination And Veto Competition Winner

Elissa will win (sadly) and I hope she'd nominate Jeremy or at least a strong player, maybe Nick. I predict McCrae will win basing this off his performance in the first HOH competition. I definitely see McCrae as someone to watch out for.

Tune in tomorrow at 9 p.m. on CBS 62 to see if my predictions are correct. Hopefully we'll see some plays that aren't nice and people backs are stabbed.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He hopes to one day be on Big Brother and win. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He's a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets and theater stages around Detroit. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email

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