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Weld County Food Bank calling for donations ahead of Thanksgiving

Weld County Food Bank calling for donations ahead of Thanksgiving
Weld County Food Bank calling for donations ahead of Thanksgiving 01:46

The rapid rate of inflation, from housing to groceries and gas, has left many people across Colorado in greater need of assistance due to food insecurity. As the holidays approach more and more people are seeking out assistance from local food banks.

"It is majorly important that we are here during the holidays," said Bob O'Connor, CEO of Weld Food Bank. "We help stabilize families."

Many families, including those who previously have not needed assistance.

"Inflation right now is making it extremely expensive to buy the turkey or ham," O'Connor said. 

In order to help, the Weld County Food Bank has called on the community to help donate meals to their peers in need. The food bank hopes to collect at least 4,500 turkeys through the holiday season, with many being distributed for Thanksgiving.


The food bank doesn't distribute the meals themselves, but rather they give meals to local partner organizations to distribute to their respective communities. 

One distribution center is at Greeley Vinyard Church. The church will be providing more than 80 families their meals for Thanksgiving thanks to the Weld Food Bank.

"It is the relationship for us, we get to know them personally," said Todd Beilman, pastor at Greeley Vinyard Church. "People still need food, and if this is a way we can help, this is exactly how we want to help."

The Weld Food Bank helps families have all of the traditional Thanksgiving items including potatoes, stuffing, turkey, pie, rolls, corn, green beans and more. 

Those who wish to donate financially are welcome to visit the Weld Food Bank website, where there is currently an offer from a local organization to match up to $30,000 of the donations. 

O'Connor said helping provide meals does more than just feed those in need. 

"It's the holidays. When I think back on my life, when I sat down for the holidays and had meals with my families, now that they are gone those are the memories I cling to. It is more than just about food," O'Connor said. 

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