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Top Old-School Barbershops In Denver

Freddy's Barbershop(credit: Freddy's Barbershop)

Many men are quite serious when selecting an appropriate barbershop, with good reason. Much like a women's beauty salon, the barber is a place where men are comfortable being themselves while enjoying a fresh haircut or shave. The barbers are just as serious as the customers, as not only are there many shops, but there are even barber competitions. Those who really like shops that embody that old-school feel are in luck, because Denver has a plethora of traditional barbershops to choose from. With the help of some passionate barber patrons, including musician Paul Junior, the following list includes the top old-school barber shops in Denver.

303's Barbershop
5200 W. Colfax Ave., Suite C
Lakewood, CO 80214
(720) 427-3328

Though 303's Barbershop in Lakewood is a modern twist on the old-school barbershop feel, it still embodies everything that people are looking for when choosing a place to get a cut or shave. From expert barbers to a comfortable atmosphere to typical friendly banter, 303's definitely deserves the red and white pole. Because 303's specializes in fades, tapers and designs, this shop appeals to the younger crowd which is emphasized by the clothing and accessories that you can purchase in the shop.

Ollie's Barber Shop
2638 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
(720) 220-6259

For those who insist on the clean feel of a straight razor shave, Ollie's Barber Shop in the Highlands is a great find. The treatments you can obtain at Ollie's are reminiscent of yesteryear but the modern luxuries and ambiance will make both modern and old-fashioned men feel comfortable. Ollie's supports the local art and music communities, so there's always a go-to topic for conversation.

Proper Barbershop
3923 Tennyson St.
Denver, CO 80212
(303) 862-7537

Proper Barbershop located on Tennyson understands what a man wants in a proper haircut and shave and embraces that. Whether you hope to talk with other men, about man stuff, read a magazine or simply just sit in silence while enjoying an old-school shave, Proper Barbershop will take care of you. The shop won an award for being one of the "manliest barbershops in America" so you know it doesn't mess around.

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Freddy's Barbershop
500 W. 84th Ave.
Denver, CO 80260
(720) 261-0804

For a fun, close-knit, neighborhood barbershop vibe, visit Freddy's. The barbers can handle any requests, and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere will ensure you're comfortable. Whether you need a custom fade, a simple cut or a shave, Freddy's offers it all.

Leetsdale Barbers
600 S. Holly St.
Denver, CO 80246
(303) 388-0454

If the fact that Leetsdale Barbers won Westword's Best Old School Barbershop in Denver in 2013 doesn't convince you that this barbershop is the real deal, then who knows what will. The extremely friendly staff will welcome you right in, and will remember your name upon your next visit. Whether you want to simply relax, watch a game or get involved in some "man talk," Leetsdale Barbers will fill the bill. For a great cut, shave or trim, this Glendale barbershop will win your heart.

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Nicole Cormier is a hip-hop head with business ambitions who stumbled awkwardly into journalism in 2007 as Colorado Music Buzz's hip-hop editor. She is the publisher and editor of the Colorado hip-hop e-magazine. Her work can be found at

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