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'WATCH ME': Student With Down Syndrome Wows Crowd At High School Talent Show

DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) -- In case you were wondering what kind of skills a teenager with Down syndrome might have, this is the video for you. Adam Kalk, a sophomore at Durango High School, wowed the crowd with his routine to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" in the high school talent show Friday.

DHS rocks talent show and Adam nailed it!

Posted by Lindsey Mietchen on Friday, January 31, 2020

Adam, 15, struggles to communicate verbally, but clearly has no problem expressing himself through dance. Dressed in a Superman t-shirt, he rocked out in front of the cheering crowd -- backed up the girls varsity basketball team.

"Somehow, someway, he has never had a problem being in a big crowd... being front and center," his dad, Bryan Kalk, told CBS4.

Bryan, who works at the school, said he asked another staff member, Lindsey Mietchen, to use her phone to record his performance.

"He's gonna bring this, I can feel it," Bryan recalled thinking. "And he definitely did."

Adam's dad says his son has no formal dance training -- but watches music videos and practices the moves.

"If you watch the ['Watch Me'] video he's spot on... he just does it," Bryan said. "It's crazy."

Bryan said he was thrilled by the reaction from Adam's fellow students.

"I'm a single dad who has loved to watch him be included in everything, I've always wanted him to be himself, he loves dancing and he loves music!!" Bryan stated. "The students at the high school absolutely love Adam and it shows!"

"This is inclusion, this truly is the best!!" Bryan wrote on Facebook. "I had tears and so many smiles! My son, Adam has taught me so much about life and he continues everyday!"

The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 815,000 times within a week.

Adam's dad said he's "definitely super excited" to see himself on screen.

"I'm on TV? I'm on the computer? I'm everywhere!" Bryan quoted his son as saying.

Bryan said he also wanted to thank the school's dance team -- the Demonettes -- who have worked with Adam as "peer influences." They couldn't be part of his talent show performance because of a scheduling conflict, but said he is grateful for their support.

Adam Kalk and Demonites via Bryan Kalk 4
(credit: Bryan Kalk)
Adam Kalk and Demonites via Bryan Kalk
(credit: Bryan Kalk)
Adam Kalk and Demonites via Bryan Kalk 3
(credit: Bryan Kalk)

And dancing isn't Adam's only skill.

"He's amazing with technology," Bryan told CBS4. "He's an amazing young man."




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