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Giddy Up! Stock Show Returns To Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - After a one-year hiatus, the National Western Stock Show is in full swing. It is Kendrick Schoessow's first visit ever. He and his mom, Tiffany, traveled to Denver from North Carolina to do business and have some fun.

"There's a lot of stuff to do," said Tiffany.

"The animals, I really, I really like them," added Kendrick.

(credit: CBS)

It's a good thing they came this year, because last year the stock show was canceled because of COVID.

Wynne and Ester from Aurora know that all too well. For them, coming is an annual tradition. They've been coming since Esther was 2 years old.

They say last year they missed everything about it. Including the people.

(credit: CBS)

"It's sad. Disappointing," said Wynne. "The whole environment is just wonderful. Everybody is so friendly and excited."

As with everything, the Stock Show looks a little different after COVID. There is an indoor mask mandate from the City of Denver which some people follow, and others don't.

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(credit: CBS)

They also have hand sanitizing stations set up to help keep people healthy. They are not requiring proof of vaccination to enter, but they will have a vaccine mobile bus on-site offering free vaccines, boosters and flu shots later this month.

Both families, Kendrick and Tiffany and Wynne and Esther, say they feel like the Stock Show is doing a good job keeping attendees safe and would recommend people come down to see for themselves.

"I think it's good enough you know," said Tiffany.

"We're comfortable with it. I think they do a good job, and I think that as long as people do what they are supposed to do with masking and distancing and stuff I think it's good," said Wynne.

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