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Girl From Colorado Sets Apparent Record For Youngest To Ever Climb El Capitan

(CBS4) - A 10-year-old girl from Glenwood Springs may have just become the youngest person to ever climb the "nose route" of El Capitan. The world-famous iconic granite cliff in California's Yosemite National Park that rises up 3,000 feet typically takes experienced climbers three days to complete. Selah Schneiter did it in five.

Selah Schneiter (4)
(credit: Schneiter Family)

Schneiter climbed the route with her dad Mike and a family friend, reported. She reached the summit on last Wednesday.

Selah Schneiter (3)
(credit: Schneiter Family)

"We got to hang out together spend some time on ledges just relaxing, talking about the world, talking about life," said Mike.

Selah Schneiter (2)
(credit: Schneiter Family)

After the climb was complete, Schneiter said "I just can't believe I just did that."

She was excited to go get some pizza with her dad afterwards.

Selah Schneiter (1)
(credit: Schneiter Family)

Selah is the oldest of four children. She said she is planning to do some climbing with her seven-year-old brother next summer.

Selah's parents have climbed El Cap numerous times. They actually met and originally fell in love there, and have made yearly trips there ever since.

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