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'Rahim The Dream' Says Football Saved His Life

DENVER (CBS4) - The Denver Broncos newest defensive threat says in many ways football saved his life. Rahim Moore says when Denver drafted him in the second round it was another step in a lifelong dream.

Moore was overcome with emotion when the Broncos called his name in the second round, because even though he just turned 21, it was the realization of a dream he's had since he was 6 years old when somehow, some way, he wanted to change and save his life.

"My mom has been through a lot … from drugs and also just strife. My dad was the same way. He's out of my life," Moore said. "So I figure, 'What can I do to change this?' I used to think hard at night. Sometimes I wouldn't sleep and sometimes I'd cry. I'd say, 'What can I do to be a difference maker?' And when I saw that football, boom, I knew it."

Moore found his passion as a child. He just fell in love with the sport, and he fell hard.

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"It was a sport that I needed to play, it was meant for me," Moore said. "I thank Walter Camp for making this sport because I was a hyperactive physical young kid who had a lot of wounds and scars and I loved to just play."

Moore said football kept him on the straight and narrow.

"I could easily be in jail right now or dead."

Moore doesn't just play the game, he lives it.

"I just make plays. I feel like if my hands not on the play during a series then I've done nothing."

He's also a huge fan. He has Broncos safety Brian Dawkins' picture on his phone and Champ Bailey is on his desktop. He was thrilled to be in the Broncos locker room for the first time and hopes to get a locker close to both Broncos' stars. He also hopes to have two lockers someday, just like Dawkins.

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