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Pot Won't Fly At DIA, Marijuana Advocates Say It's Their Right

DENVER (CBS4)- Pot won't fly at Denver International Airport but marijuana advocates say it's their right to travel with it if they bought it legally.

There have been signs posted at DIA stating that pot is not allowed in the airport since the drug became legal Jan. 1. But there have been a few instances of people trying to take marijuana with them on airplanes.

Cannabis supporters claim it's their right and airport officials say their hands are tied. DIA heard public comment on Wednesday during a hearing on a possible policy change regarding marijuana.

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"It's a chronic pain condition. There's no cure for it," said Fibromyalgia sufferer Teri Robnett.

Robnett has battled the condition for 27 years and marijuana is her medication, "It's the only thing that works for me."

She is just one of a number of cannabis supporters asking DIA to allow travelers to fly with pot. Supporters say it's state law and should take precedence.

"...further under Amendment 64 marijuana is to be treated like alcohol," said marijuana supporter Rachel Gilette.

Medical marijuana users claim the drug should be treated no differently than any other prescription.

"There are some that this is the only medication they can use," said marijuana supporter Ron Nickson.

The airport argues that marijuana is still listed on the TSA's can't fly list.

"So you can't pass through security with marijuana," said DIA spokeswoman Stacey Stegman.

DIA also recognizes that although Colorado and a small but growing number of states have loosened marijuana laws, the majority have not.

"DIA did not want to be in the position of facilitating the transport of marijuana to other states," said Stegman.

As for cannabis users they hope the airport carves out an exception for medicinal marijuana.

"I can't even set foot on airport property with my doctor recommended medical cannabis," said Robnett.

Wednesday's hearing was the final hearing for their marijuana policy. DIA should have an official decision by the end of the week.

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