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Mountain Bikers Got 4 Flats Before Discovering Spikes On Trail

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Mountain bikers who use a popular trail system near Denver recently found long nails and screws planted there, and they are worried that the booby traps could cause serious injury.

The Buffalo Creek Trailhead where the problems were reported is located in the Pike National Forest near Pine and southwest of Roxborough State Park.

It's not known who has planted the traps. Whoever is responsible has been taking the sharp spikes and strategically placing them on the trail.

Tacks On Trails
(credit: Nicholas Kostecki)

Avid bikers Nicholas Kostecki and Tim Fishback said they wound up with flat tires when they were mountain biking together there last Saturday morning.

Kostecki ran into problems with his bike first. The front and the back tires went flat on the Little Scraggy Trail.

"It was really weird, I thought, to get two flats in a row," said Kostecki.

(credit: CBS)

Then on the way back, the same thing happened to Fishback.

"Which is unheard of, to have four flats within a very short period of time in the same area," said Kostecki.

The pair decided to look around and spotted what likely popped all four tires.

"There was this little thing sticking up, and I'm like 'Omigod, it looks metallic,'" Kostecki said.

It wasn't an ordinary nail. It was connected to a large brick that was buried in the ground.

Tacks On Trails
(credit: Tim Fishback)

"It was definitely intentionally placed there," Fishback said.

They dug out the nail and the brick using a rock.

Soon afterwards they found other bikers further down the trail fixing flats, and they found two more bricks with spikes in them.

"Sure enough, I found another one," Kostecki said.

CBS4 Interview
(credit: CBS)

Both men said they want other hikers and bikers to be aware of the possibility of more of the man-made traps.

"They definitely wanted to do some damage," Kostecki said.

The U.S. Forest Service says their law enforcement division is investigation the situation. No one has reported any injuries from the traps.

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After the incident, Kostecki and Fishback say they don't have any hesitation when it comes to more outdoor exploring.

"We want to show whoever did this that we're not scared," Fishback said.


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